Peptalk is Michael Carter (electronics), Shayna Dunkelman (percussion) and Angelica Negron(voice). Peptalk's visceral music combines many exotic instruments with lush electronic sounds and airy vocals. They are obsessed with creating a hyperreal world both sonically and visually by blending bits of memory from their lives in Tokyo, San Juan and Los Angeles. Each member plays with bands and artists such as Yoko Ono, Xiu Xiu, Thurston Moore, Balún, and Tyondai Braxton, but by joining forces, they create rich musical arrangements of various percussion, accordion, strings, harp and voice accompanied by layers of synths, samples and electronics beats. Themes of solitude, escapism, and cultural curiosity are expressed through their songs that drift between intimate lyrical moments, dreamy sound textures, and grooves.



“each song takes the listener to a new place or time and paints a picture with every listen.” “visually evocative tracks that come to life in the mind of the listener.”  - Aphra Magazine

“otherworldly, jewel-toned instrumental landscape that conjures up images of verdant terrain and cool blue waterfalls” - Wild Magazine

“songs… seem set in an exotic, galactic world, all created and conjured by a variety of alluring, romantic and outlandish sounds.” - MXDWN

“fans that have a wider palette, who are able to appreciate the gentler side of naturalistic electronic music, will certainly be rewarded upon visiting Peptalk’s utterly unique Islet.” - Surviving the Golden Age

“a varied approach to generate unique, cinematic soundscapes.” -All Music

“informed by global cultures yet exotic and alien” “Peptalk paint ecosystems, thriving arrangements of geology and biology where plants and animals and wind and rain follow their own instinctive patterns.” -Wake the Deaf

“an album which on first listen is otherworldly. This feeling doesn’t really lift after a dozen or so further listens.” “This music could be from anywhere – and nowhere.” - [sic] Magazine

we can see Peptalk maxing out one of the smaller tents at the big festivals in the next few years” - Never Enough Notes

“a combination of as many different explorative genres as possible.” -Norman Records

“a beautiful mix of electronic music and exotic soundscapes.” -So Gutsy

themes of solitude, escapism, and cultural curiosity” - Live and Die Music

“Love this to the sky and back” -KFJC